Saturday, October 23, 2010

10 23 10 WRITING

I can't believe it's already Saturday! I had to miss two days of  writing - Wednesday and Thursday - because I had a stack of reading to do. Four pieces (one sixty-one pages) the rest in the 17-25 page range for a Fiction Workshop class. I had to finish the last 63 pages of a middle school book, Kidnapped in Key West, and write a review of it for the same class. Hopefully the review will appear online somewhere.

I also had four or five pieces from two workshops I'm in - a novel writing workshop and The  Friday Night Writers.

I had to review a script I'm working on with my friend, Aralis.

Last night I went to my novel workshop. Nothing but great things happen there.

That leads me to my number one tip for anyone who writes. Find a workshop, go, listen to what they say about your work no matter how much it hurts or you disagree. Not that you have to agree - but just listen to what they say.

Sometime fairly soon (hopefully) I'm going to blog about workshops: etiquette, how to evaluate critiques, how to give - and take - criticism......but not today. It's the weekend!


  1. Have you ever visited Critique Circle? It's an online critique site where you can submit stories and crit others' work for credits to submit more. I'm pretty active over there.

    Online is about the only way I can do anything right now with three little ones...*sigh*

  2. I've heard of it. My friend uses it. To tell you the truth I'm so darn busy with the other groups I don't have the time to take on another.

    What I like about being in a brick-and-mortar group is after awhile you develop a sense of whose opinion to trust, if that makes any sense.

    Another (at least for me) is when a group is in the same room they feed off of each other; one thought about the piece leads to another.

    I’m not sure you get that online, though I’m certainly not knocking it. I think it’s a wonderful thing.

    Three little ones!! I salute you. We have two - both no longer little - but I can sympathize because I remember how tough a job it was.

    Still, enjoy every minute with them because one day you'll turn around and they'll be grown up!