Wednesday, November 3, 2010

11 03 10 WRITING

I've been writing my usual minimum of 2 hrs every day except Sunday, but it's been sluggish. I feel like I'm not achieving something satisfying. I don't know why this is. Maybe because I've had to switch gears from the second draft of one novel, to a short story, to the beginning of another novel, to writing a book review. I don't like to work that way but circumstances dictated that I had to.

I'm thinking maybe all the bouncing around has hindered my personal investment in my characters, or maybe I'm losing contact with them and that frightens me.

Another thing may be that I've spent a lot of the time reviewing workshop critiques of the pieces and while that always leads to a better story it requires taking a step backward to get two steps forward.That reverse step can be depressing.

In any event, I've found the best (and only?) cure is to keep on keeping on. Eventually the cloud lifts.

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