Friday, September 17, 2010

Writing : 09 17 10

Working on a new novel - 1st drafts for me are like slogging up a wet mountain. Slow and laborious. I love 2nd drafts, they're like walking down the mountain after the water had dried. But I can't even think of that, yet. I'm only on the second chapter.

Attended Friday Night Writer's workshop. Interesting exchange between two of the attendees concerning proper etiquette on dispersing feedback. I think giving feedback in a way that helps the writer without destroy their ego is an art in itself. I sometimes wish I had said things in a better way, or emphasized good points. It's easier, for some reason, to evaluate weaknesses than strengths.

That reminds me (though I don't know why) of what 1960's teen idol Steve Alaimo once told me about listening to demos. He said, "I can't tell you what a hit song is, but I can tell you what it ain't. And most of them I hear, ain't."

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