Wednesday, September 22, 2010

09 21 10 WRITING

Worked some in the a.m. on what I hope will be novel number three (though I haven't completed revisions of novel number two). Had to stop early because I went to a retirement party for a firefighter who was retiring. I had worked with him for many years. He is a good guy. I hadn't been back at the station for quite awhile and because it was his last day and he was one of the higher-ups and an old schooler the festivities included firecrackers in the middle of the engine bay, water balloons, hazmat suits and booster lines spraying water. As with my friend who was retiring, these antics were a relic of a different era. Most of the men and women are brought up in a different era; one of lawsuits, sensitivity, and political correctness. It's also a world of tighter budgets, more technology, less manpower and more calls. I enjoyed the old school antics but I wasn't sure I longed for it. I rather like the new breed, they're geared for today's world.

Back home in late afternoon: managed to get in more writing on novel number three.

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