Friday, September 10, 2010

Writing : 09 10 10

Finished 2nd draft of the second part (of three) of my short story "Overdue" about a librarian who falls for a fireman who she is convinced is cheating on her.

Recenlty found out my short story, "The One Cupper" about a detective who confronts a waitress over a murder is going to be released in audio form on I'm excited because their voice talent and recordings are first rate. LOL - plus I'm vain enough to want to listen to it on my mp3 player.

Met some really cool people at IFWG forum - hi all!

Ended the evening at Friday Night Writers, the workshop I belong to. Because I'm working on my next novel, I haven't been able to contribute any pieces recently, so I've been only a reader of everyone else's material.  There's about 20-30 people. Our leader is the very talented and generous author John Dufresne. It's always a learning experience to attend. I come away each time a better writer.

Damn! This has been another good day.

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